Why It Works

Our marketing platform gets your store services noticed on search engines (for repair, custom, estate/consignment). Your value-adding services are frequently searched by buyers and often under-optimized by store websites. Get found for your services and increase foot traffic to your awesome store.

The .Jewelry network uses the strategy of END (exact name domain), great quality programming and specific value-added user strategy to promote the store. Put another way - we get found online, provide good information useful to buyers and show them where to secure the service they want.

END means we have a domain that closely matches the search people are doing. For example, “jewelry repair” is almost identical to “repair.jewelry”. You’ll see that we have domain that speaks to the exact nature of the service we are promoting for the store. Our systems are shown below and the names speak for themselves.


Dedicated to marketing your repair services and, in particular, geared to market to anyone looking to source repairs online or by mail, our system markets your store and provides real-time promotion and leads.


Promote your custom bench with this nationwide system designed to show your unique creative capabilities to those looking to have pieces made for them.


An estate jewelry marketing portal allowing you to add your estate services and receive the traffic from that inquiry to your store or website.

Digital Services

Anything you need for your store's digital footprint from websites and associated tech (like hosting) to content management, SEO, monitoring, and more - we are your digital partner in the jewelry industry.

It’s not just showing the same thing on different sites either - that doesn’t work (for several reasons, all of which we know after our 20 years of online marketing). On top of having a high-quality name match, we offer valuable information to search engine guidelines to make sure the sites are useful.

We launched our first system (repair.jewelry) in 2019 and learned even more about the nature of the strategy. Following that, we designed and launched the network as we saw how well it worked. Even in difficult trading conditions, people want to be reminded to shop locally and that is our mission: Always show the benefits of the local store to people looking online.

Finally, it works because we are concentrating on promoting those service benefits that we believe in. The local store is absolutely the best place to buy goods like jewelry. Online shopping can have some limited advantages, but when it comes to the overall balance of things, nothing beats shopping locally. We created a winning strategy, promoting your winning strategy.

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