Jewelry Store Online Marketing & Promotion Tools

Focussed, online marketing that promotes your jewelry store SERVICES - something websites often do not do well!

MyStore.Jewelry is a suite of tools and services offered specifically to the “bricks and mortar” jewelry store. We do not provide services to virtual or e-comm-specific jewelry providers.

We have been working with stores since 2002 and remain committed to the in-store jewelry retail model. We do not advocate or provide “online selling” to stores, instead, we concentrate on using the Internet to drive customers to your store, thus turning them into lifetime clients.

In order to do this, we have several systems that reach into the web, attract would-be online shoppers and offer your professional services to them. We have several systems we use for this, narrowly focussed and optimized to be found online to direct customers to your store or store's web resources.


Dedicated to marketing your repair services and, in particular, geared to market to anyone looking to source repairs online or by mail, our system markets your store and provides real-time promotion and leads.


Promote your custom bench with this nationwide system designed to show your unique creative capabilities to those looking to have pieces made for them.


An estate jewelry marketing portal allowing you to add your estate services and receive the traffic from that inquiry to your store or website.

Digital Services

Anything you need for your store's digital footprint from websites and associated tech (like hosting) to content management, SEO, monitoring, and more - we are your digital partner in the jewelry industry.

MyStore.Jewelry is owned and operated by VRB Internet Solutions Ltd., which has been building and managing websites and systems since 1999. We have built hundreds of such systems from diamond inventory, retail marketing, wholesaler B2B systems, (many) store websites, and much more. We know the industry and we know what works.

Contact us today to set up a sales appointment with our team. You're not too small to deal with us - we are here especially for your type of (independent retail) store.

The .Jewelry system, comprising several websites like,, and is a managed marketing and promotion system for the in-store, independent jewelry store business. We manage the system for you so there is no computer work, and concentrate on promoting your store services to local customers.

Why Does It Work?