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Why Shop Local

There are several advantages to working with your local jeweler for your jewelry buying and servicing needs. A lot of these revolve around service, expertise, and trust, but there are definite financial and community advantages too. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should buy from your local jeweler!

10 Reasons to shop at your local jewelry store

  1. Your local jeweler is very likely to either be an expert or have experts in-store. From gemologist qualifications to master crafts-people with specific skills honed over decades, your local jeweler is often just that, a jeweler, not simply someone selling something.
  2. Your local jeweler will stand by their products and services. They can’t simply hide from a problem and will address it in your community setting. When their doors are open, you can go in and talk to them.
  3. You can see and touch the items at your local jeweler. Feel the weight, see the sparkle and check the options before you buy.
  4. Your local jeweler may offer repairs, servicing, custom design, financing, and several other services not afforded by online or other providers.
  5. Your local jeweler lives and works in your community. Their kids often know yours, they play in the teams and support the same people as you.
  6. Don’t be fooled by pricing. Often, your jeweler provides very different quality and certification than what may seem a cheaper price. Always compare apples to apples because you may not have all the information for a proper comparison.
  7. Many jewelers provide appraisals for insurance reasons. Check with them on this, or if they know a good source.
  8. Many jewelers provide incredible custom-designed jewelry to your exact needs. You can work with them to create a masterpiece your family will own for generations.
  9. Jewelers have the tools to properly grade diamonds and metals. You may have what you think, but they can tell you definitively.
  10. Shopping at a local jewelry store is fun. Staff are there to provide not only expertise but a special experience. Stores often have social events, buyer shows, and other fun things to do and participate in.

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