The Store Experience

Shopping at your local jewelry store provides you with a buying “experience”. The actual process of learning, selecting, and buying is completely different than catalog sales as you do it with someone else - an expert. It is a fun process, in a lovely environment with people from your community.

Often, salespeople and reps have decades of experience helping people buy jewelry. They often know what you might be looking for straight away. You can describe something and they can process that with their often encyclopedic knowledge of available jewelry to show you options you may never have considered.

Some stores really pour on the service with coffee and a lovely place to sit and relax whilst you look over options, talk to reps or the designer in-house. It all depends on what is on offer at the store but always, always, the local store provides personal, professional service on a human scale. It’s no computer sales, it’s helping you find what is best for you.

Furthermore, sales staff may be able to see on-record or even remember other pieces you, or your gift recipient has. Imagine peering into the jewelry box and making sure the item you select matches the aesthetic and style of the owner. Perfect!

All-in, the experience of shopping in a beautiful, local jewelry store is the exact opposite of catalog or online sales. It’s about people, relationships, services, and interaction. You get service now and later, expertise, selection, and fun. Perfect.

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