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Your local jeweler is (and feel free to ask them) very likely to either be an expert or have experts in-store. From gemologists to master crafts-people with specific skills honed over decades, a “jeweler” is just that - a jeweler. They will have qualifications and experience with jewelry in the same way your favorite other professionals have. Having a shop full of products does not make you an expert, but often, your local jeweler is exactly that - an expert in the sourcing, selling, care, repair, and designing of all elements of the jewelry trade.

As a member of your community, your local jeweler can be trusted to sell quality pieces, provide expert service and aftercare because they are (often) in your high street (or somewhere highly visible). Their business is often built on local customers, coming back forever.

When your established local jeweler (the ones on this system are vetted and known to provide this level of trust) tells you that a diamond is a certain grade, or that it is ethically sourced, you can believe them. When they tell you the piece is 18K gold, then that’s what it is. When they say the piece will be “here on Friday” for the party, you know they’ll move heaven and earth to make it so.

Jewelers often go that extra mile, even reminding people about upcoming events, suggesting items that match a recipient, delivering to home, and many other things. They do this not only because they understand quality service but because their customers hold them to a high standard.

When you are buying something special and possibly expensive, ask yourself: Do I know this “seller”?. What’s their connection and responsibility to me, and our community, and will they hold to account when I need them? Will they provide the care and support after the fact and will they stand by their product?

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