Custom Jewelry

Start with a blank piece of paper. Start with an idea. Now, together with your local jeweler, you can craft that into a physical form, made by experts and you’ve created a family heirloom. This is the essence of custom-designed jewelry and why it is so popular.

There are several methods of designing and creating custom jewelry. Some jewelers are “old school” with drawings, way castings, and labor-intensive crafting. Others have special “CAD” jewelry design software, 3D printed methods for casting, and even more high-tech ways of creating a piece. What suits you?

Custom can start blank-page for certain but often starts with an existing piece seen online or from a picture. For certain customers, the perfect piece has not been created yet, so they put their design influence into the hands of a specialist to make it. Custom design is often a highly collaborative process with the jeweler/goldsmith and the customer.

Some custom design is known as “repurposing”. This is where a piece or collection of pieces are brought-in and, using the elements of that jewelry, a completely new piece is made. Sometimes, a ring and earring set is made from an older brooch, or vice-versa. Everything can be repurposed, from stones to metals. It is possible to make a new piece from older ones without adding any materials at all, only skill and expertise.

Custom-designed jewelry is a huge topic and as such, we have a resource for this all by itself but you can see custom jewelers right here on MyStore.Jewelry. It’s called, predictably enough, CustomDesigned.Jewelry and is coming to a screen near you in summer 2022. It will do much as this system does, helping you find the best jewelry store to make exactly what you want.

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