Your local jeweler probably lives in your area. His or her kids may very well go to school with yours. They will attend the same games, concerts, and events. When things happen in a community and everyone pulls together, as they do, your local retailers are there.

Certainly, large retailers and e-commerce stores employ people, but your local store is a pillar of your community. They employ your neighbors and they service your family and friends. They often sponsor or involve themselves in beneficial activities for the people around them.

Many local retailers are as proud of their country as you are and so endeavor to buy items or offer choices for resale that are sourced nationally. They pay their taxes and that is shown in the infrastructure you see around you.

When you shop locally, you support your own community. The benefit is paid back into your area, to your friends and family and it brings people together. We think shopping local is the best way to go for all these reasons - but we would ;-)

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